Buy-Side Advisory

Customers receive maximum value from the individual solutions

As a buy-side consultant, we partner with companies looking for:

• expanding its business activities through acquisition;
• entering new markets;
• expanding their know-how and product portfolio by acquiring a competitor, supplier or customer.

We also assist financial investors looking for new investment or additional acquisition opportunities.

If you are a foreign investor, we will get to know your strategic priorities and acquisition criteria. Based on them, we will prepare a list of potentially interesting companies in Bulgaria, which will be presented to you and we will make contact with those that you approve. We will offer Bulgarian investors growth opportunities in Bulgaria and abroad, including outside Europe, using our own Dealbridge network, our external network of foreign M&A consultants and investment banks, as well as other international platforms for sharing M&A opportunities.

TMFC Ltd. helps potential investors to successfully acquire small and medium-sized businesses. We develop a tailor-made approach based on their needs and manage the whole M&A process.

The successive stages of the transaction carried out by TMFC in the process of purchasing a company are:   

Defining the acquisition strategy:

  • Definition of criteria for acquisition of possible target companies;
  • Comprehensive research of companies, markets and competitors;
  • Selection of target companies according to the set criteria and ranking of the target companies.


  • Contacting the owners/management of the approved target companies;
  • Confirmation of a possible desire to sell;
  • Organizing a meeting between the target companies and the client;
  • Evaluation and analysis, preparation of indicative offer;


  • Development of an appropriate transaction structure;
  • Coordination and management of the due diligence process;
  • Еvaluation of the target company and determination of the purchase price;
  • Preparation and negotiation of offers (Letter of Intent, Term Sheet, etc.);
  • Participation during the purchase contract negotiations;
  • Assist the clients until signing and closing the deal;

Signing and closing.

Acquiring a company is a difficult process and usually takes a long period of time, from defining the acquisition criteria to closing the deal. We believe that you will benefit from our know-how, experience and support, contributing to the successful completion of the company acquisition process, while minimizing transaction risks.