Subscription service “Virtual CFO”

A virtual CFO is an outsourced service, offering high skill assistance in financial requirements of selected small, middle and start-up organizations. Virtual CFO services help your business grow by implementing methods for analyzing the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your company and review of its financial health. This service offers many different opportunities to take your business to the next level.

Main characteristics

  • Preliminary agreed number of hours in your company’s office
  • Continuous connection through different means of communication;
  • Preliminary agreed in-house meetings with contractors, board members, employees and others;
  • Monthly pricing and invoicing of the services to the clients;
  • Competitive pricing of the services;
  • Without any other fees for the clients except the monthly contract fee.

Services, that can be provided by Virtual CFO – together or separately:

Cash flow and liquidity Management

giving a good understanding of how the decisions that you make today will affect your cash position in the future is essential;

Monitoring the performance;

as an essential part of the company’s liquidity management – analysis and optimization of the cash-flow cycling of the business;

of the incoming and outgoing cash flows;

Financial Analysis and Reporting

  • Reviewing and analyzing financial statements of your company. Based on this review, key trends are identified in order to determine the appropriate level of action that needs to be taken to reduce waste and maximize profits;
  • Analyzing the Key Performance Indicators, which can tell business owners what is happening today and can also predict what will happen in the future. KPIs are found in many aspects of the business, such as profitability, debt, liquidity and working capital management, etc.;

Debt Management

  • Analyzing the structure of the debt exposure of your company, optimizing of the debt borrowings, restructuring;
  • Analyzing of the parameters of the borrowed financing;
  • Assistance in identifying your options when it comes to raising financing. Confirmation that your financial statements and other pertinent documents are in line with the expectations of potential investors;
  • Active participation in negotiations with the different financial institutions and other investors in terms of debt exposure management and optimizing the financial borrowing.


  • Creating budget and tracking your company’s performance against it
  • Review your budget-to-actual reporting on a monthly or quarterly basis so that you can make any adjustments necessary to meet your intended goals;
  • Costs controlling

Risk Management

  • Identifying of the different risks, connected with your business, industry and various other data points, as the goal would be to help you avoid or minimize any risks that could be harmful to your business as well as those that could turn into opportunities;
  • Management of the different type of risks by means of hedging instruments and strategies, transferring of the risk;


  • Training n-house financial staff.

„професионализмът“ – гаранция за високи резултати

"To help our clients remain competitive in a rapidly changing market environment and to accompany them long-term in relation to all financial strategic issues. Our clients' success is the foundation of our own success.

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