Sell-Side Advisory

Sell-Side Advisory

Customers receive maximum value from the individual solutions

TMFC Ltd. provides. We guide our clients through the entire sales process, from identifying the motivation for the sale to closing the transaction.
Selling a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) may be a "once-in-a-lifetime" event. It is an extensive process that requires preparation, patience and knowledge. At TMFC, we help business owners sell their business. As consultants, our job is to provide clarity, focus and structure to help achieve the right outcome.

With our experience and knowledge across multiple sectors, we can support business owners throughout the process.

In the classic sale of a business, the main goal is to maximize the sale price. However, ensuring that the established corporate values of the company are upheld and that jobs are protected are also of great importance. Nonetheless, there are additional goals that are important to sellers during this process:

• Obtaining the best possible terms for sellers.
• Quick and quiet procedure, without "surprises".
• Selling to the "right" buyer who will grow the company (or find the "right" partner who offers the desired support).

Careful planning and initiating a structured sales process are key to ensuring a successful transaction. The first key stage in preparing for a sale is to carry out a critical analysis of the company's development, prospects and strategy. This provides a solid foundation for the sales process and the preparation of all documents related to a successful transaction needed to contact potential investors.

The successive stages of the transaction carried out by TMFC in the process of selling a company are:   

Professional preparation of all necessary transactional, financial and marketing documents, consisting of:

  • a short profile (teaser);
  • a confidentiality agreement;
  • a company valuation report, intended for internal use by sellers, containing our expert opinion on the estimated market value of the company;
  • information memorandum (incl. a convincing presentation of the company, based on the success factors of the business model, historical data, an attractive and sustainable business plan)

Potential Buyers Research:

  • comprehensive research on potential strategic interested parties (e. g. companies seeking access to the market, product or technology;
  • a wide database of possible financial investors, family offices, etc. in the medium-size sector;
  • research from our internal and external international network of leading corporate financial consultants;
  • preparation of a matched list of potential buyers (longlist - shortlist).

Tight execution by creating a competitive bidding process:

  • contact with potential investors, clarification of interest and indicative offers
  • connecting with potential buyers/investors;
  • sending the information memorandum and a detailed description of the future process of the possible transaction (process letter) based on a signed non-disclosure agreement;
  • coordination of initial conversations with interested potential investors;
  • receiving indicative offers ("letter of interest") from interested investors and assisting in the selection of that investor with whom further discussions appear promising.

Preparation, coordination and implementation of management presentations (due diligence):

  • negotiation related to Letter of Interest, Letter of Intent, Term Sheet; 
  • assisting the client to prepare a management presentation and the information exchange process for the due diligence and questions session; coordinating the entire due diligence process;
  • assistance in contract negotiations in close coordination with the client’s lawyers, tax consultants and auditors;

Signing and closing.

Selling a business is a difficult process and usually takes a long period of time, from the first step to closing the deal. We believe that you will appreciate our know-how and support, which will lead to maximization of profit and minimization of risks related to the process of offering the company to potential investors.